Fibers by Sicis is a eclectic pencil thin mosaic made using marble and precious metal glass mosaics. It creates a waterfall of beautiful materials raining down a surface. Provides a fine artisan quality that enriches any space.

Supplied in interlocking sheets for easy assembly and available in two versions;

Fiber Thin – 3/8″ wide strips that are 1/8″ Thick. Supplied on interlocking sheets that measure 11-1/4″ x 12-3/4″. Mesh Mounted. Suitable for wall applications.

Fiber Thick – 5/8″ wide strips that are 3/8″ Thick. Supplied on interlocking sheets that measure 11-3/8″ x 13″. Mesh Mounted. Suitable for floor and wall applications.


Habitus provides a top tier of Onyx Stone Slabs for your selection. Create breathtaking feature wall, ceiling or countertop applications with personalized ranges of material. The material can be backlit for stunning applications. Slabs can be supplied book matched.

We source onyx materials from around the globe, and offer fabrication services for your commercial or residential project. Available in Slabs Sizes, 2CM & 3CM. Polished or Honed.

We provide cut-to-size services and shipping worldwide.

Thassos Marble

Habitus has curated a Thassos Marble Collection of fine mosaic and decorative tiles. Composed of high quality selections and imported directly from Greek quarries. Taking into consideration color uniformity, production and finishing. This collection transcends time from traditional to contemporary with the elegance, beauty, and purity of Thassos marble. The ambiance of elegance they provide and the luxurious lifestyle they promote are unlike any other marble material, That fresh and clean feeling in baths and powder rooms is a worthy experience.

Included are a range of decorative inlay designs by Sicistone, combining Thassos with other white marble, glass and precious metal materials. Although we show some selections of styles and patterns, please note that we also offer custom productions. Please inquiry to us.