Live is a collection of porcelain stoneware tiles coated with precious metals in their purest form; 24 kt gold and platinum. They feature hand decorated details that create a unique effect making each piece unique and different. Each installation unlike the next.

Available in 12″ x 24″ tiles or mosaics 1″ x 1″, 2″ x 2″ and pencil strips. Suitable for wall applications.


Fibers by Sicis is a eclectic pencil thin mosaic made using marble and precious metal glass mosaics. It creates a waterfall of beautiful materials raining down a surface. Provides a fine artisan quality that enriches any space.

Supplied in interlocking sheets for easy assembly and available in two versions;

Fiber Thin – 3/8″ wide strips that are 1/8″ Thick. Supplied on interlocking sheets that measure 11-1/4″ x 12-3/4″. Mesh Mounted. Suitable for wall applications.

Fiber Thick – 5/8″ wide strips that are 3/8″ Thick. Supplied on interlocking sheets that measure 11-3/8″ x 13″. Mesh Mounted. Suitable for floor and wall applications.

Thassos Marble

Habitus has curated a Thassos Marble Collection of fine mosaic and decorative tiles. Composed of high quality selections and imported directly from Greek quarries. Taking into consideration color uniformity, production and finishing. This collection transcends time from traditional to contemporary with the elegance, beauty, and purity of Thassos marble. The ambiance of elegance they provide and the luxurious lifestyle they promote are unlike any other marble material, That fresh and clean feeling in baths and powder rooms is a worthy experience.

Included are a range of decorative inlay designs by Sicistone, combining Thassos with other white marble, glass and precious metal materials. Although we show some selections of styles and patterns, please note that we also offer custom productions. Please inquiry to us.


D.R.Y. designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Brix. “The tile design stems from a single element. Using an hexagonal shape is an original way to create a complex interplay of lines. To avoid duplicates, the module can be placed randomly. The joints are an integral part of the design.

Sold in a tile section size 9.5″ x 9.5″. Produced in porcelain stoneware the D.R.Y. collection is suitable for interior and exterior feature wall and floor applications. The Mud & Plaster colors are matte in finish. 

Super Tuscan

Habitus has created something new and exclusive, Super Tuscan Cork Tile. It is produced using remnants of the cork industry in Spain and Portugal. Irregular shards of virgin cork are shaped by hand and supplied on sheets for installation like ceramic tiles. 

Renewable, recycled, handmade with no power tools or electricity. This mid-century modern innovation furthers the commitment made by our company in finding new ways to create sustainable and unique finish materials. 

Use for feature wall or accent floor applications in commercial or residential spaces; or use on wet wall areas such as showers. It insulates, its dampens sound, and most of all it very decorative. Produced in 2″ high cork and supplied on interlocking sheets measuring 12″ x 12″, in the natural finish of cork. We can also produce custom colors and color mixes, or simply supply you with varnish to for the natural color of cork. 

Ivory Palm

Habitus continues to pioneer in the development of sustainable tile materials, introducing a new, natural & healthy tile finish material for floor or wall application; Ivory Palm Mosaic Tile!

What? Made from Tagua, also known as “vegetable ivory” or “ivory nut” because it is almost indistinguishable from real ivory. This material is environmentally safe and sustainably sound, harvested from palm trees and carved into penny round mosaics suitable for use as floors or walls. Natural, warm & durable; it is as dense and strong as marble stone.

Ivory Palm is available in penny round size 1 inch diameter. Supplied on face mounted sheets measuring 12″ x 12″ nominal.  This material is installed using an adhesive and urethane grout. Contact us for specific installation instructions at

Application: All medium use residential & commercial interior surfaces. Ivory Palm Mosaic Tile may warm in color tone due to sunlight exposure, this is a natural characteristic of the material. Not recommended for wet areas such as showers or pools.


NeoGlass Mosaic by Sicis is an assembly of marble, glass and precious metal tesserae of different geometries. With transparency, iridescence, and brilliance each mosaic offers a unique way to decorate any space. Because of the different shapes, the decorative possibilities seem endless. Suitable for installation to walls and floors including high traffic, wet areas and pools.

From the extensive library of possibilities, we have selected a range of handmade motifs and mosaic fields to feature in this collection. Compositions are offered in module sections for easy installation, as where field mosaics are provided in sheets .

Translucent mosaics have been used, the images show the material with grout and they are for reference only. Each item can be finished with different grout colors other looks and unique combinations. Please consult with one our sales specialist for assistance in selecting these materials for your project.


Cork Mosaic Tile

Cork Mosaic Penny Tile is a forward thinking green finish material! It is a renewable resource and literally recycled from the wine stopper industry in Spain and Portugal. Chips are hand selected and fashioned on sheets for installation to walls and floors, including wet areas such as showers and bath floors. The preparation and installation is just like for ceramic tiles.

Available in two chip sizes: 1″ Penny & 1-3/8″ Large. Supplied on face mounted sheets 12″ x 24″ or 24″ x 24″. Thickness is 1/4″. Arrives in the natural finish of cork, in solid colors and color mixes which are pre-finished. Please click Download PDF for a catalog with installation instructions and additional product information.