Classic Cork

Direct from the concentration of cork harvests in Spain and Portugal, Classic Cork Tiles have been used in residential & commercial projects for many years in the USA. Available in 12″ x 12″ or 12″ x 24″ tiles by 3/16″ Thick. They represent a cost effective, durable and natural floor or wall tile finish . We supply these tiles pre-finished using a high grade water-based varnish. Each tile can be easily cut & shaped using a utility knife. Making Classic Cork Tile easy to install, and ideal for a do-it-yourself project.

Habitus Classic Cork Tiles are the original solid glue down tile, and feature all the benefits of natural cork; soft, warm, anti-bacterial, anti-stain, insulating, sound absorbing and easy to maintain. They are suitable for both commercial and residential projects. Cork is resilient, durable, comfortable and they promote a healthy lifestyle. The varnish used is a commercial grade and suitable for high traffic conditions.

Habitus supplies the adhesive and top coat sealer with the cork tile. Large quantities are available for immediate supply. We can custom color and match any sample. 

Custom Cork

Custom Cork Tiles are are an innovative approach to creativity in cork flooring. Unique & distinct because of its rich transparent color palette. Colors ranging from subtle to bold, with a wide scheme of patterns & sizes.

The result is a elegant selection of a naturally harvested product, an environmentally sound choice. A beautiful cork floor is good for your health as well as mother Earth. It is applicable for a broad range of uses, with its great thermal and acoustical properties, Custom Cork Tiles are ideal for floors, walls and ceilings.

Available in 3 Textures; Traditional, Striated & Nugget and in 38 custom colors. Additional custom colors are available upon request, we ask that you please submit a paint swatch or sample to us for our review and confirmation. Download the PDF for more information. 

Cork Fabric

The Habitus Cork Fabric Collection features the world’s most unique styles and designs in cork fabric material available today. Made in Italy. Suitable for Wall Covering, Upholstery or Textiles. Featuring natural styles of cork, color stained versions and unique metallic gold or silver backed cork patterns. Handmade using a thin slice of cork mounted onto a 100% cotton fabric backing.

Available in rolls measuring 57″ wide, sold by the yard and stocked in small quantities in a variety of natural textures, styles and colors. Special orders and custom designs are available, with some minimum quantities applicable,

Call 1-800-729-5120 for order details. 

Super Tuscan

Habitus has created something new and exclusive, Super Tuscan Cork Tile. It is produced using remnants of the cork industry in Spain and Portugal. Irregular shards of virgin cork are shaped by hand and supplied on sheets for installation like ceramic tiles. 

Renewable, recycled, handmade with no power tools or electricity. This mid-century modern innovation furthers the commitment made by our company in finding new ways to create sustainable and unique finish materials. 

Use for feature wall or accent floor applications in commercial or residential spaces; or use on wet wall areas such as showers. It insulates, its dampens sound, and most of all it very decorative. Produced in 2″ high cork and supplied on interlocking sheets measuring 12″ x 12″, in the natural finish of cork. We can also produce custom colors and color mixes, or simply supply you with varnish to for the natural color of cork. 

Cork Mosaic Tile

Cork Mosaic Penny Tile is a forward thinking green finish material! It is a renewable resource and literally recycled from the wine stopper industry in Spain and Portugal. Chips are hand selected and fashioned on sheets for installation to walls and floors, including wet areas such as showers and bath floors. The preparation and installation is just like for ceramic tiles.

Available in two chip sizes: 1″ Penny & 1-3/8″ Large. Supplied on face mounted sheets 12″ x 24″ or 24″ x 24″. Thickness is 1/4″. Arrives in the natural finish of cork, in solid colors and color mixes which are pre-finished. Please click Download PDF for a catalog with installation instructions and additional product information.