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Habitus has created something new, Super Tuscan Cork Tile. It is produced using remnants of the cork industry in Spain and Portugal. Irregular shards of virgin cork are shaped by hand and supplied on sheets for installation like ceramic tiles. Super Tuscan Cork Tile is suitable as a feature wall or accent floor application for commercial and residential spaces; it can be used on wet wall areas such as showers. Produced in 2″ high cork and supplied on interlocking sheets measuring 12″ x 12″. It is easy to install using an adhesive and grout. Its 100% natural, It insulates, it dampens sound, its anti-bacterial and most of all it is very decorative. We supply it in the natural finish of cork or we can provide custom colors and color mixes. This mid-century modern style innovation furthers the commitment made by our company in finding new ways to create sustainable and unique finish materials using cork materials.

Super Tuscan Cork Tile is available exclusively at Habitus!

Shirasu Kabe is a unique plaster wall finish produced from volcanic soil in Japan. It is applied by hand in textures using trowels. The volcanic soil it is made of is proven to remove impurities and odors in the atmosphere where it is applied. It also controls humidity; extracting humidity when levels are high and releasing the same when areas are dry. Habitus supplies the material and can also provide the plasterer services.

Bark Finish

Kushi Biki

Kote Finish

Wadachi Finish

As seen at the ICFF Show in New York City.

Cork Fabric for Wall Covering, Upholstery or Textiles. Featuring unique floral patterns with unique backing materials including metallic gold. All cork patterns are thinly mounted on 100% cotton. This material is inherently anti-bacterial, thermally & acoustically insulative. Available in rolls measuring 57″ wide, and in a variety of natural textures, styles and colors. Custom designs available, some minimums may apply, please inquire to our sales dept. at 1-800-729-5120

Reclaimed Wood tiles are derived from an eclectic mix of reclaimed, re-purposed and recycled wood materials from sources throughout the United States. Making efficient their origins, they are proposed in small tile formats for interior use on feature wall & ceilings (not suitable for flooring). The material provides for a natural variations and unique characteristics, as no two pieces of wood are alike. As if the material were personalized for your project. Supplied in pre-mounted panel sections for easy installation using a contact adhesive.

NeoGlass Mosaic by Sicis is an assembly of marble, glass and precious metal tesserae of different geometries. With transparency, iridescence, and brilliance each mosaic offers a unique way to decorate any space. Because of the different shapes, the decorative possibilities seem endless. Suitable for installation to walls and floors including high traffic, wet areas and pools.

From the extensive library of possibilities, we have selected a range of handmade motifs and mosaic fields to feature in this collection. Compositions are offered in module sections for easy installation, as where field mosaics are provided in sheets .

The Images shown are mosaics finished with grout and they are for reference only, Each item can be finished with different grout colors for unique combinations.